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One of the JSGM comic edition.

This artwork is to help those people that need advice on entrepreneurship with the use of an analogy based on our surroundings. Mother nature is a wondrous thing and it have all the lessons and answers we need to survive in this Covid-19 pandemic. The symbiosis in the nature is essential for an industry and economy to grow and sustain one’s self. A suitable Malay proverb,’Bagai aur dengan tebing’ is mentioned in the artwork as an art of poetry. We all need to help each other to overcome the difficulties that we are facing. All for one and one for all.

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Ever heard the puzzle called Kerchang?

The Different Levels of Kerchang
The Different Levels of Kerchang

Kerchang is a traditional puzzle made of rattan. the objective of the game is to take out the string

from the Kerchang and to put it back in afterwards.

In the indigenous custom, the Kerchang is used by the father of the family as to measure the credibility of the future son-in-law before he allows him to take the lead of caring his daughter. The man has to solve all ten levels of the Kerchang to get the blessings of the marriage.

The Kerchang has been gazetted as Malaysia National Heritage under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia in the category of traditional games.

We also have made a 30 ft long of one the levels of Kerchang called, Jakrenoi and received the award of Malaysia Book of Records!

The right side is the 30 ft Kerchang. The left side are the picture of how En Raman Bah Tuin make the 30 ft Kerchang.

There's more interesting stories about the Kerchang. Subscribe to our website and stay tuned for more interesting stories like this!

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