The Culture of the Indigenous People

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Learn and experience the culture of music and art of the Indigenous People i.e playing a Bamboo Guitar and 'Chentong', a kind of flute that they play with their nose. Try to solve 'Kerchang', a traditional puzzle.


Kerchang is a traditional game or puzzle of the Indigenous People.Try to solve the different levels of 'Kerchang' and challenge your mind! these sets of Kerchang had been gazetted as the Malaysia National Heritage back in Nov 2018. 

Weaving with the elderly

Learn how the elderly weave and design their accessories, baskets, and many things more! some of the items that we recommend are --- Bujam, Tempok, Cincin belah Rotan, the rooftop of the Orang Asli traditional house or something as simple as a small mat.

Performances from the Indigenous People with their traditional instruments

Experience the astonishing performance from the indigenous people and Sewang together with them! Sewang is their traditonal dance.

Visit to the Museum of Indigenous People

Learn about the history of the Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia and their cultural lifestyle!


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